The call of the lover

Loose motion, a bad cold, a head ache creeping in… who knew break-ups could get so awful? A crazy Mumbai week ought to set it straight, I thought. But it was not to be. And the usual symptoms presented themselves: I connected the lyrics of every mushy song to it, I smiled at nothing and […]

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The setting sun streamed in through old glass windows in the little kitchen, falling directly on the puja corner. Down the corridor, yellow curtains filtered the sunlight entering the bedroom, embracing the entire house in golden warmth. Tea was brewing and its aroma wafted through the tiny apartment. She stood by the stove at the […]

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Our very own Christmas Star

Fourteen years ago, on a Christmas morning, our family lost a treasure. The elders had all seen it coming, they had all prepared for it, they knew that Cancer was cruel, that it’ll strike suddenly and we would have a hundred things left unsaid. But an eight-year-old wouldn’t know that, for an eight-year-old, there was […]

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Did the city stop speaking to me?

Or had I stopped listening? Two months. New city. No writing! It’s that stage in life, when you’re actually living a dream. You’ve got a job, you live by yourself, you’ve done up your home… You’re also paying bills, cleaning up, cooking, running behind the handyman to stop the rain from flooding the house, learning, […]

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Our first and only superman

Over the years, we made little things for your birthday, clumsy cards and craft work. We always wanted to show you how good we were at making you happy. As children, we knew that anything we made will be a master piece in your eyes. We graduated, we used technology, our creativity looked better with […]

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