From one coast to another. From one port to another.

Mumbai. The city of cliches. The city of fame, power, poverty, bollywood, crowded trains.
The city I chose for its discomfort. The city which I hope will teach me a few lessons.

Bombay is a city in desperate need of some exercise. It’s an xxxl trying to fit into an s.

It’s going to be home.

Bombay has started her chaotic conversations with me…


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  1. congratulations kanna for such a wonderful blog – you write so well – am so proud of you.
    must admit i had not heard of iliah let alone read his works. would be interesting to know his take on the pervasion of the caste system into christianity and islam – the category of christian dalit is such irony – and what he thinks about the christian caste system. The hindu caste system is indefensible in today’s world but it’s adaptation by modern religions is nothing short of heinous.

    • True perrimma, I’m hoping to use the topic for my dissertation here! It has got so many different layers.
      The worst part is that we’re all victims of the differentiating- we do it in our everyday lives – it’s so intrinsic!

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