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The call of the lover


Loose motion, a bad cold, a head ache creeping in… who knew break-ups could get so awful?

A crazy Mumbai week ought to set it straight, I thought. But it was not to be.

And the usual symptoms presented themselves: I connected the lyrics of every mushy song to it, I smiled at nothing and cried for everything… and they said I’d never fall in love.

Here I am, fallen and humbly accepting it. Call me back, I begged, but isn’t the lover always over overshadowed by the spouse called reality?


No amount of reality can silence the call of the Himalayas. The birds’ chirp, the smell of the grass, the winter sun and the pure, blue sky, the pink, yellow and red rhododendrons, the clear waterfalls, the sound of the wind and the warm khichdi… they call me when I am stuck in traffic, when I am dripping with sweat in a crowded local, when I look up at the moon.

My affair with the Himalayas, and in extension, my affair with my small mind, taught me to distance myself from my thoughts and instead look at the bigger picture.

It doesn’t matter so much now who I am or what I want. What matters though, is being grateful for this world’s beauty, the beauty that its creatures – humans included – possess.

The Himalayas’ stunning imperfections, its abundance and purity, its ever-changing nature, it’s moody weather and the silent refuge it offers to a troubled soul, its every face has a lesson lying in wait.

And so, while my lover is far, far away, he taught me to smile more, laugh often, give lots and not be ashamed to cry. He taught me the strength of belief and of prayer. He showed me the excitement that every little moment holds, he taught me to walk slowly, he put a song on my lips.

He made me uncomfortable, he made me question my choices, he held up a mirror so I could see my cold heart…

… but he showed me poetry in the mundane and music in noise.

He gave me friends I fell deeply in love with, and in doing so, he helped me let my guard down.

He opened my eyes, ears and heart to new experiences.

When I now wake up to the everyday, I ask God to give me enough madness to hold onto those intoxicating moments with my generous lover, the moments that will make me smile through yet another crazy Mumbai week.