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Your waste is my waste


Stepping stones, green grass and a pond… on the surface, the scene is beautiful. But look deeper, actually, sniff deeper and you’ll know the water is really standing sewage waste and the stepping stones are for avoiding the muck.

Stones that help wade though the muck.

This is a scene in a city hospital in Taramani.

Stagnant gutter water floods a garden of a house in the hospital.

  Every monsoon, gutter water from the hospital’s sewage lines, along with waste    from Pallikaranai, a wetland area behind the hospital premises, drains into the hospital, as it is the lowest point in the area. This is not only a health hazard to the patients here, it is a nuisance to the hospital’s senior citizen wing.

   According to Radha, a voluntary employee with the hospital this is not a new happening. The hospital has been flooded with the waste of the region every monsoon season for over ten years. “Earlier, the entire hospital would be inaccessible during the monsoons. Now, a road has been constructed with a proper gutter. But, this has increased the height of the roads, and therefore our houses are even lower,” she says.

  During the monsoons, the gutters of the hospital along with the waste of Pallikarnai collect in theselow-lying areas, most of which are residences of employees and doctors.

The standing water makes for a fertile breeding ground for mosquitoes, toads, snails and diseases. The stench of the waste makes living here impossible.

The solution however is a simple one – connect the hospital’s drain lines to the main drain on the adjoining road. However,  permission for this from the corporation has been pending for five years.

Taramani’s monsoon woes have been reported about extensively in the media, yet every year the rains seem to bring residents the same host of problems.

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