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Madras through a lens

Our first and only superman


Over the years, we made little things for your birthday, clumsy cards and craft work. We always wanted to show you how good we were at making you happy. As children, we knew that anything we made will be a master piece in your eyes. We graduated, we used technology, our creativity looked better with the digital touch. Today, we realise that no amount of perfection can craft you the ideal gift. What can we give the man who gives us the gift of love, laughter and happiness, day in and out. The man who ensures his tears roll back to keep the smiles on our faces. The man who teaches us everyday that true bravery is the willingness to  NOT fit in. No gift, no amount of riches or luxury, no clumsy artwork, will ever be enough to tell you how much you mean to us. Thank you for always believing in our little gifts…

Happy Birthday and happy father’s day pa.

We love you.

Tweety & Guppi


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